Anne-Marie Londei, B.A.

Director, Human Resources Consulting Services

“The greatest traveller is not the one who explored the world ten times, but the one who explored all of himself once.” – Gandhi

Anne-Marie is the Director of human resources consulting services and she has been working with Groupe Montpetit since 2014. Anne-Marie embraces a goal-oriented participatory approach, rallying people with her enthusiasm.

If there were such a thing as a walking dictionary of human resources, it would be Anne-Marie. Whatever questions you may have on the topic, Anne-Marie will be there with an answer to every query! This one-woman band can find a solution to every problem.

Anne-Marie is creative and analytical, and she has in-depth knowledge of human resources in small and medium businesses, as well as extensive experience in project management and organizational development.

But what truly sets her apart is her heart of gold and her incredible dedication, two strengths that allow her to establish and maintain harmonious working relations between managers and employees.


  • Bachelor by Certificates (UQAM)

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