Caroline Lavigne, CRHA

Associate Director,Talent Search

“Success is measured by one’s friends and one’s generosity.” – Moses Isegawa

Caroline has been a Senior Advisor, Talent Search for the legal and administrative support staff division since 2002.

Her human resources experience in several different law firms, including Chait Amyot, now De Grandpré Chait, and Robinson Sheppard Shapiro, as well as in the business sector, gives Caroline an in-depth understanding of the issues facing employers and job seekers, because she is equally familiar with both sides. This is one of her great strengths and guarantees you a solid overview of the market.

Caroline has a phenomenal memory – no details escape her. If you forget something, she will remember it for you, even years later.

Her dedication, reliability and desire to help make her a conscientious and generous advisor.

Caroline is also a true epicurean and loves to discover and share the foods of the world!


  • Bachelor of Industrial Relations (UdeM)
  • Member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA)

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