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Make the most of our human resources outsourcing services

Individualized services, adapted to your business realities

The success of any company begins with sound human resources management, fostering optimal organizational performance and engaging the employees.

Because we weave close, supportive ties with our clients, we are often called on to advise or guide them in complex situations where our expertise is highly beneficial.

The Groupe Montpetit human resources management outsourcing service can help any business, no matter how big or small, with the daily management of its human resources.

Through consulting mandates, packages, specific tasks and outsourcing, Groupe Montpetit provides advice and support in the following processes:

Setting up your human resources department

We provide all the tools you need for the healthy management of your human resources, based on your company’s values and culture, such as:

  • Setting up of the department
  • Setting up of employee files system
  • Drafting of employee and managerial handbooks
  • Development and communication of company policies and procedures
  • Drafting of employment contract
  • Consulting, coaching and leadership development for your managers

Human resources management

We guide you in the daily management of your human resources, specifically:

  • Employee relations and customized follow-up
  • Disciplinary management, dismissal and firing
  • Management of short-, medium- and long-term disability files
  • Development of a performance evaluation model
  • Creation of development plans

Compensation and working conditions

After analyzing your file, we can suggest practices to adapt regarding overall compensation and working conditions.

Recruitment for companies

Depending on your needs, we can either create an attraction, retention and loyalty strategy giving you the tools needed for recruitment, or we can manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf.

Successful recruitment also depends on the welcome and integration given to new employees. We can help you develop and implement the right onboarding plans for your company.

Leadership and employee engagement

One of the best ways to guarantee engagement and success is knowing how to develop the best talent within your company, based on a customized organizational development plan that we can help you create.

Groupe Montpetit is your human resources management partner. We offer turnkey solutions.

For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Londei.

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