Temporary Employees

Temporary Employees

Groupe Montpetit secures temporary jobs for over 500 employees every year!

A temporary job is a short or medium term mandate completed for one of our clients to help with a work overload, parental leave, sick leave or a similar situation.
You will be employed and paid by Groupe Montpetit on a weekly basis.
Our professional fees are paid directly by the employer you are assigned to. You do not have any fees to pay to Groupe Montpetit.

Benefits of temporary positions

There are lots of benefits of doing a temporary mandate for Groupe Montpetit:

  • Flexibility: You enjoy extensive job flexibility, in terms of both the length of the mandate and the time of year you want to work.
  • Discovery: You discover new fields and develop new skills.
  • Experience: You build up professional experience and become more versatile.
  • Opportunity: Your temporary position may lead to a permanent job. You have a headstart over other job seekers because you already have a foot in the door with that employer.

As soon as a temporary assignment is confirmed, we open an employee file for you.

Payment of temporary employees

  • The normal work week runs from Sunday to Saturday, and your salary will be paid to you by direct deposit into your bank account each Thursday following the end of the pay period.
  • Hours worked are paid on presentation of a duly completed time sheet authorized by a representative of our client.
  • The terms of employment for temporary positions at Groupe Montpetit are governed by the Quebec Act Respecting Labour Standards.

Contacting the payroll service

For further information about the payroll service, such as issuing an employment record, change of address, banking information, T4s and Relevés 1, you can contact payroll administration at [email protected] or (514) 395-1115.

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