Coaching and Career Transition

Consulting services and professional coaching

Benefit from advice and coaching tailored to your situation

  • You are an employer who needs guidance in strategic decision-making?
  • You are a recent graduate looking for direction?
  • You are at a crossroads in your life and are confused about your professional path?
  • You have lost your job or you are in career transition?

Our personalized coaching service can light the way.

You are an employer?

Do you need the services of someone who can help you progress in your thoughts and plans? Whatever is causing your hesitation, a professional coach can help you identify options and define the steps for arriving at your goal.

You want to bring your career to the next level?

We offer a customized assistance service that will guide you in your reflections, shed light on your way forward and help you define your short-, medium- and long-term goals. Your career history and objectives can be mapped out clearly with the help of the professionals who accompany you through this process.

You are a graduate with more questions than answers?

Our customized service will help you hone the right tools for your search and prepare you to face the job market and the business world. Your coach will also help you prepare your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae, and set clear, specific and achievable goals that will increase your confidence and self-assurance.

Career transition

You are an employer?

You have to make the decision to dismiss some of your staff. With an individualized or group transition program, we can coach and advise you to make this process easier.

You are an employee?

We can help and guide you throughout this change in your professional life.

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