Groupe Montpetit


Leader in recruitment and human resources management

The creation of a company specialized in legal recruitment

Before founding Groupe Montpetit, Danielle Montpetit began her career as a computer instructor, which often brought her to law firms, working with secretaries looking for the “right boss” and lawyers looking for the “right secretary.”

Serving as an intermediary, Danielle launched her firm, as she continued to teach, investing only $20 for her corporate name. With her two daughters in diapers, her kitchen served as an office, and her cupboards were stocked with the CVs of her candidates, instead of dishes and cutlery.

With a solid vision, on January 23, 1983, Danielle founded a firm specialized in recruiting administrative and legal support staff, based on a value she holds dear: respect.

Today Groupe Montpetit is still going strong, offering a wide variety of recruitment and human resources management services. In response to client demands, the firm continues to add new specialities and now recruits executives and professionals in all sectors, in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.

Driven by a strong desire to create perfect professional pairings, our team of consultants knows how to meet different business needs and, above all, knows how to listen and understand.

Groupe Montpetit’s reputation is well-established. We have carved for ourselves a niche as a top recruitment and business networking firm, not to forget our human resources management expertise.


  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Passion

OUR values are the key to YOUR success!

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