Danielle Montpetit, Adm.A.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Privacy Officer

«If you are tired, keep going. »
«If you are scared, keep going. »
«If you are hungry, keep going. »
«If you want to taste freedom, keep going. »
Harriet Tubman

Danielle is the President, Founder of Groupe Montpetit. She also holds the role of Director of Executive and Professional recruitment, as well as Director of the Business Matchmaking services.

One of Quebec’s most trusted legal recruiter, this thoughtful and altruistic businesswoman founded her specialized firm at the tender age of 23 in 1983. You can learn more about that in our About Us section.  Over the years, Danielle has gathered a team of consultants who have helped make Groupe Montpetit a unique, well established and respected recruitment firm.

She is well-acquainted with the field she works in, and she speaks the language of employers and job-seekers fluently. At work, she advocates a human approach, imbued with respect and positivism. Her desire to meet and exceed the requirements of both the employers and the candidates who place their trust in her is renowned.

Danielle is a visionary with an incomparable network of contacts in the employment market. Across the years, her practice has given her the opportunity to work with an impressive number of law firms and companies. The loyalty her clients have exhibited for over 33 years now is proof of her capacity to grasp their business needs and identify the best talent.

Her deep intuition, her wealth of experience and her expertise provide the foundation of her unique approach: she quickly understands your expectations and your needs! At her side, you can be sure to have an impeccable and human client experience.

Danielle places great value on youth and the future generations. Increasingly called on to give lectures and professional advice, she considers it a duty as well as pleasure to help out the future generations and share her global vision of the job market with them.

Danielle is a woman of her word. If she makes a commitment to be your guide, have no fear: this dedicated sailor will help you navigate to your best destination.


  • Member of the Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés du Québec (ADMA)
  • President of the Succession/Mentoring committee of the Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP)
  • Speaker at numerous CEGEPs and universities
  • Speaker at various Bar associations
  • Member of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
  • Member of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval
  • Member of the Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec
  • Member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS)

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