Susan Lutz


“Later will be too late. Our life is now.” - Jacques Prévert

Originally from Brittany, Susan grew up by the sea.

She graduated with a Master of Education, Teaching and Training, which helped her hone her listening and comprehension skills.

With a degree in her suitcase, she travelled and lived in Asia for several months, notably in Hong Kong, a city of contrasts. The cultural differences she experienced taught her the importance of adapting to new situations and keeping an open mind. It is that wisdom that she will impart when she listens to your needs and guides you to a solution!

A lifelong learner, she is always ready to explore the universal language of music and the fascinating world of poetic writing. As for her unconditional love for pancakes, it’s a sweet reality!


  • Master of Education, Teaching and Training – École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation, Brittany

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