Charly Demay

Junior Recruitment Specialist, Talent Search

“Live today as it was your last day on Earth. But make projects as if you are here for eternity.’’ Agatha Christie

Freshly arrived from France, Charly joined the Groupe Montpetit as a Clerk, Administration during the summer of 2015.  He was one of the main architects of the implementation of our applicant tracking system.  Having completed a Master’s Degree in Library and Archival Sciences, researching and classifying information and knowledge are his great passion.

His sharp eye, his infectious smile and his contagious joy of life drive him to offer the best customer service to clients, candidates and colleagues alike. Charly loves to juggle with different projects and to provide support to all his colleagues.  Tenacious and rigorous, he always stays focused on achieving his goals and objectives, and he does not like to give up easily.

A literature, movies and travel enthusiast, his personal library contains a lot of touristic guides.


  • Master’s Degree in Library and Archival Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Degree in History

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