In recent years, paralegals have been specializing in increasingly specifi c areas of law. The career possibilities are plentiful! Those who have a passion for the world of business can choose to practise in corporate law. What is a paralegal’s work like in this fi eld? All lawyers agree: the role paralegals play in corporate law is absolutely indispensable. Given the complex and constantly changing nature of the world of business, paralegals provide continued support to business law teams and are the resource people in law offi ces for all technical issues concerning the preparation of corporate documents required for transactions. Those who choose to specialize in this area of law need to have in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing this fi eld. This stimulating practice allows paralegals to be very independent in their work while being greatly valued by their colleagues, who count on them and their effectiveness to be able to successfully carry out corporate law mandates. Because practising in this field is very demanding, it is important that various participants collaborate to carry out transactional work for corporations. A paralegal’s duties are extremely varied and their involvement is absolutely essential to ensure that the different cases progress smoothly. Among a paralegal’s many responsibilities are: drafting and fi ling corporate documents related to business transaction closings; preparing documents related to the incorporation, registration, reorganization, liquidation and dissolution of companies; drafting corporate documents related to acquisitions, mergers, and reorganizations; reviewing minute books and preparing reports for due diligence audits. Experienced paralegals in this fi eld are highly sought-after, given the high demand! As a result, working conditions and salary are very good. If you’ve always been interested in the world of business and would like to be involved in major business transactions, then it’s quite likely that the field of corporate law is for you!

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